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Video and Animation

Video and animation are powerful and impressive mediums to tell your story and help communicate and sell your ideas. Westchester Media Works provides a range of motion graphic services, from the production of interactive graphics to fully animated walk-throughs and fly-overs.

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2d Motion Graphics

Animations can enhance communication when words alone aren't enough. Motion adds visual interest, and animated graphics can simplify and reinforce complex topics. Adding interaction can further enhance the learning experience. We develop 2d motion graphics in a wide range of formats for implementation over the web and in stand-alone applications.

3d Fly-overs and Walk-throughs

Not everyone understands how to read blueprints or technical drawings. When you need to clearly communicate your ideas and make an impact, our 3d flyovers and walkthroughs can help bring your vision to life.

360-Degree Product and Landscape Viewers

Interactive 360-degree product and landscape viewers are able to convey information that static images cannot. Whether you are selling products, showcasing artwork, or need to provide a better understanding of an environment, the interactive viewers we create are an impressive and effective tool.

Video and Sound

If you have a story to tell, we have the creativity and tools to help you tell it. From script development and storyboarding to voice-overs, sound editing, and final edit, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to get the job done.