Application Design and Development

Westchester Media Works is building on over a decade of experience designing interactive applications that educate and entertain. We design applications that are fun and easy to use yet cost effective to develop and maintain. We develop turnkey solutions, and we offer targeted services to assist other creative agencies and developers with specific needs.

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Interactive Application Design

We design interactive applications for exhibits, halls of fame, and educational institutions. With a focus on education, we use text, images, sound, video, animation, and interactive graphics to build experiences that make learning memorable and fun. Uses range from the creative presentation of informational, educational, and historical content to enjoyable single and multiplayer games.

Touch Screen Centric UX Design (User Experience Design)

As its name suggests, UX design is the process of improving a user’s experience as they interact with an application. Touch Screen Centric UX Design simply means user experience design that is specific to touch screen interaction and control, including graphic design, content organization, content accessibility, visual feedback, and aural feedback. We’ve gained extensive UX Design experience over the years and are committed to improving the user experience as technology evolves.

Analog to Digital UID (User Interface Design)

Our interactives are not limited to a touch screen interface. When more traditional and tactile forms of interaction are required, like buttons, switches, or joysticks, we have the experience needed to ensure a reliable, user friendly analog to digital UI.

Custom Coding and Technical Development

We’ve been building interactive applications for over a decade. Over time we’ve developed libraries of code that streamline the development process and reduce costs. But every project presents unique challenges, and our forte is developing custom code to meet these needs. We have the experience and tools needed to get the job done right.

Equipment Specification and Procurement

We specify the equipment for most of our projects, and over the years we’ve come to know what equipment we can rely on. As an authorized reseller, we have direct access to an array of quality products for use on your projects.