S.P. Morell and Company

S.P. Morell and Company is a specialty chemicals distributor and manufacturer’s representative servicing the coatings, graphic arts, adhesives, plastics, and rubber industries.

Logo Re-Design

Given S.P. Morell’s well-established presence in their industry, our challenge was to update their logo while retaining their identity and their brand. We accomplished this by updating the logo’s color and font while keeping its basic structure unchanged. A hot red was replaced with a deep blue, and a highly stylized font was replaced with a clean, contemporary font to give the logo more structure and to signify the company’s growth into a mature and trusted entity.

S.P. Morell and Company Logo
S.P. Morell and Company Stationary

Website, Brochures, Calendars, Holiday Cards and Packaging

Representative of S.P. Morell’s expertise in the chemical industry, and their slogan ‘elements to solutions’, the periodic chart is used as a common element across a wide range of informational and promotional materials. Taking advantage of the inherent structure of the chart, we are able to weave a story and communicate various messages through a purposeful composition of visuals.

S.P. Morell and Company Website and Graphics
S.P. Morell and Company Calendar Design
S.P. Morell and Company Brochure


As a key element of the Carachem logo, we’ve used the orbit as a common element on a wide range of materials, including the company’s website, advertisements, product guides, and product labels. In the same way that the orbit in the logo represents the process of transformation, we use the orbit to transition from visual imagery to text and data.

CaraChem Product Bulletin
CaraChem Package Label
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