Hall of Fame Online

The Hall of Fame OnlineTM showcases the full range of services we have to offer, including:

The Hall of Fame Online is a web-based software solution designed to showcase, honor, and promote exceptional achievements within an organization. Developed for use on large, wide-format touchscreens, the Interactive provides a memorable experience for visitors, while the easy-to-use and remotely accessible Content Editor provides a stress-free experience for an organization’s staff.

Inspired by our original software design for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame Online service follows a proven track record of reliability, ease of use, and excellence in design.


Hall of Fame Online Website

The Hall of Fame Online website serves as:

  • an e-commerce platform used to sell and manage member subscriptions and equipment purchases
  • a portal for members to access the Hall of Fame Online service
  • a sales tool complete with an online demo
  • an information and training resource including an online user guide and video tutorials

Interactive Application

Developed for end-user interaction on large touch screen kiosks, the Hall of Fame Online service is itself a highly specialized CMS system built from the ground up. Each public facing interactive runs securely via a custom built, easy to install app designed for Windows® PCs. The application also features non-interactive elements, including automated video/photo slideshows, an event countdown timer, and system wide message broadcasts.

Hall of Fame Online Interactive Application

Content Editor

The Hall of Fame Online service features a custom built and remotely accessible Content Editor. The editor incorporates a virtual preview, allowing content editors to preview updates as they will be seen on the live interactive stations (kiosks).

Hall of Fame Online Content Editor
Hall of Fame Online Editor

Logo Design

Originally depicting the acronym HoF within its negative space, the Hall of Fame Online logo evolved into an all-encompassing abstract representation of the celebration of achievements. The central circle, outer brackets, and their negative space abstractly represent everything from ball sports, visual arts, and academic excellence to a reverential hall itself.

Hall of Fame Online Logo

Promotional Materials

Developed by Westchester Media Works, the slogan Celebrate Excellence, Honor Achievement, Reward Success, Inspire Greatness effectively captures the overriding mission of the Hall of Fame Online service. Because the target demographic for the service is vast, the slogan is designed to be superimposed over relevant photos, allowing for the creation of flexible and targeted marketing materials.

Hall of Fame Online Mural
Hall of Fame Online Mailer


Twenty-seven videos were produced by Westchester Media Works as part of the marketing materials for the Hall of Fame Online demo, as well as a complete video tutorial series with a custom-built video index UI.

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